I am part English part Belgian. I speak French fluently and get by in Spanish and Italian. I am an interior stylist and the house in Lagrasse has featured in several interior magazines and also on French TV with Maison France 5 and Channel 4 in the UK.

A Francophile for years, having been inspired by many happy times on vacation in France with my parents from a young age, I decided to move to the Corbiéres and renovate the property that is now House La France/Gites des Deux Ponts. I now spend my time split between France and the UK.


Once 2 properties separated by a cobbled lane, 13 rue des deux ponts is now a single dwelling. Joined years ago (17th or 18th century, we think) by the lane being sealed off at both ends. The ancient lane became the courtyard that separates the river from the street side of the house. When here in Lagrasse I occupy the street side and have transformed the riverside (which forms part of the original rampart walls) into the two separate rental apartments, each with a terrace or balcony looking out onto the river and iconic 12th century bridge.